How the ‘professional’ took photograph

A digital photographing guru told me. “You don’t need to enter courses to enchance your photographing skill. You don’t even need a good camera . What you need is,..a camera, courage and most importantly, determination.buahahaaha” Can you believe what the old man said? I don’t believe him as well. But he showed me how the ‘professional’ tooks photograph in the pictures below. He sent them using e-mail though. I think there are some lessons that we can learn from them. From photograph taking pose to the ‘end result’. I think I should share them with you all.. hmm.. hahahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha .Tengok yang LAST sekali tuh..hehe

now u can sleep at work or even at class!!

Rasa penat?mengantuk?Need to take a nap in the office or class for sleeping late last night?haaa...there is a solution to those conditions. Eye patch!!Nak guna benda ni senang je, cuma pilih sepasang mata yg sama ngan mata korang, pastu lekatkn kat kelopak mata and then...sleep for a few minutes and regain your energy.Ekeke,kan bagus kalo benda ni ade jual kat 7-e.Mesti laku,makin ramai la pekerja tido kat tempat keje.