No chemistry...miscommunication,possibly no chance

fucken miserable situation of me..
:excluded the liquour

you gave me no choice...
you leave me with no answer...
The chemistry has been lost for a long time now for us... but we are sticking it out.
dulu,we use to have great chemistry together, I can't imagine it any other way..
now...i dunno how to make u understand..
that i feel so miserable..
after all what happen...
its really stinks..

I'm wondering what you think about this...
when u read this.

PLEASE figure out sumting..
before it getting really worst!
for the sake of our greatest relationship

I was wondering if anyone has had the experience of meeting someone who was everything they wanted in partner but that elusive feeling of chemistry wasn't there...please leave me a comment.

care to help ya kawan-kawan....i really need those wise advise from u.


dia telah menjerit di kotak jeritku...
tandanya...ada sesuatu untuk ku..
ya...ada award darinya untuk ku..
dia mmg seorang teman yang rajin bagi award...
pemurahnya la teman ku ini...
terima kasih yob!

persaingan yang sihat?

2 hari lepas aku tengok berita,tekezut + gumbira bila Airasia buat promosi no fuel surcharge.Mak aihh...da lamurah bertambah murah.

Baru je minggu lepas MAS buat promosi jualan n guess what,minggu ni airasia balas balik ngan surprise. I wonder,boleh ke MAS buang fuel surcharge?hurrmmm...

Yang pasti,aku da selamat beli tiket MAS januari thun depan KK-KL dengan harga semurah RM123.00 sahaja.Xpernah dapat semurah itu untuk flight MAS nyah.selalunya paling murah pun super saver Rm250.

Tertarik dengan iklan kedua dua agensi penerbangan utama malaysia ni kat akhbar or newspaper.Kelakar pun ada...berebut rebut diorang. Siap perli & sindir-sindir halus gitu...
yang MAS kata tak ada charge tersembunyi.Anda cuma perlu bayar jumlah yang andalihat...siap list table lagik.Airasia pulak kurangkan charge perkhidmatan,siap dengan tagline Hangat-kami mencipta yang lain meniru.

Kelakar kelakar..

apa pun cara dan kaedah yang diorang nak buat..aku x kisah.Yang penting aku gumbira dan dapat faedah!


air asia lak,

NEO...NEO...Ulang Sekali lagik NEO...NEO...

Siapakah neo?diala seorang cikgu prasekolah yang sangat kiut tapi kijam.huhuhu
dia telah bagi tag bomb timer kat aku yang tak besalah nih.mengantoikan betul tag inih.....huhuuhh

da lama tag ni diberi oleh cit neot.
aku je x brape nak berani sahut cabaran die nih.hahahaha.

inilaaa dia,pic yang aku amik tanpa mengusai,menukar mengedit mana2 lubang idung....dan bahagian yang tercela...serabai je.tanpa sebarang unsur hipokrasi.
i keep ma mouth censored to public.xske akuh!
this pic was taken at 3.05 p.m/thursday

those are the rule untuk buat tag nih

Take a recent photo of yourself OR take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW.
DONT change your cloth. DONT fix your hair, just take a picture.
Post that picture with NO editing. (suka ati aku la)
Post this instruction with your picture.
Tag 10 people to do this (10??cam byk sangat la plak)

so far...ada sorang jek

Haaaa....sila jawab tag.jangan nak ngelak

doodolls o doodle o doddler?

i just got this cute stuff from my sista. kiutkan??now i had 3 of them,missy micey,orange butch and cupido.
Gambar all the 3 of them i'll post later. Yang ni pic missy micey!

huh!!Berani kau pijak barang aku??dusshh,nyah ko dari laptopku

kalo x silap momoi ada Blinky, Numero ,missy micey & Mr.nerdy.Huiishhh,banyak pulak dia punya...x leh jadik nih!

feelinzzzz...chupii chupiii

kawan?friend?i thought we were friends...i thought u are different from others. We had a lot in common..we enjoy ourselves a lot.we are craving over the same thing..hahaha.sumting that might be silly to others.funny aite?
tah ler....its a long story.
susah kalau berkawan tanpa kejujuran nih

you were the only one i told my secrets to...other than my D. I trusted you..but,u stabbed me behind my back. you hurt me...but i'm okay with it.

until one time..i realize.we should stop from being too close.Cause I didn't know you
were really x suka on me...
sitting there,behind my back and hurt my feelings. why dont you just tell me?im good in handling my mood in a situation. *wink*

now..we can't be just like we were last time..janggal kan?i feel like you were trying to make me jealous, anger or watso,believe it or not...i don't even care.i feel like nothing.
because i had it all enough...

no need to show off.who am i to you...compared to all your beloved friends.
i am just an ordinary people..who live a simple life.
i have my own life fundamental,and i know your do understand me as i do understand yours..
May good bless you..because after all what happended, i still love you as a fren....
I do loves our relationship.
tah mana has to end like this.

copy from a song..
I thought that we were friends
Went through thick and thin
Thought that you could be someone I could trust
But you were really like an angel in desquise
It was all pretend....
I really thought we were friends..

Happy Birthday to my Special Treasure

--- to my only soul mate ---
It’s your birthday...
and I’m thinking how glad I am
that you were born.
You have given me so much....
supported me, encouraged me,
cared for me....I didn't even need to ask.

I celebrate your wonderful self!
I am in awe of your boundless generosity,
your infinite kindness--that gentle inner glow
that you so freely use to warm my life.

Your birthday is as much a celebration for me
as it is for you, maybe more,
and I wish for you the best of birthdays,
the best one ever.

I’m wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun...
Surprises, love and happiness...

And when your birthday’s done....
I hope you feel deep in your heart..
As your birthdays come and go...
How very much you mean to me..
More than you can know.

May each birthday be better than the last.
Most of all, I hope you will always be
As happy as you have made me.

--- to my mama ---
God gave a gift to the world when you were born..
a person who loves, who cares,
who sees a person’s need and fills it,
who encourages and lifts people up,
who spends energy on others
rather than herself,
someone who touches each life she enters,
and makes a difference in the world,
because ripples of kindness flow outward
as each person you have touched, touches others.

Your birthday deserves to be a national holiday
because you are a special treasure
for all that you’ve done.

May the love you have shown to others
return to you, multiplied.
I wish you the happiest of birthdays,
and many, many more,
so that others have time to appreciate you
as much as I do...

im not ready yet...

The BIG DAY is coming very soon.........
i have'nt prepared anything yet

Quick Post

wah,pestime aku publish blog dari cc.huhhu..modem maxis tinggai kat umah pandan.
this will gonna be a very quick post...aku ada 25 min je ni, ni lak pakai coin..nyampah aku.aku main tinggal je butik tu kt salesgirl.
well...mintak maap kepada semua kawan-kawan blogger kalo ada x sempat nak balas komen,tag, award or wat so ever....ada masa aku balas eh kawang-kawang.
huh....dalam masa 25 min...sempat gak aku jawab 2 tag dari kawan-kawan .
dotblogspotdotkom & neslo
tag anda telah berbalas....

kepada nama-nama yang tersenarai...sila rajin2kan diri jawab tag tu eh...comei x aku sebab kasi korang tag?huhuhuhuhu

status : currently on & off

tag neslo kurang ais

Every question is referring to 1 person:

1. What is the relationship of you and him/her?
- my jumping star

2. Your 5 impressions towards him/her:
- kind hearted
-not so romantic :p
-honest (but sumtimes can be sooooo naughty!!!)
-Love me as i am
-he has this kind of gifted hand.

3. The most memorable things he/she had done for you.
- drive me all nite long while

4. The most memorable things he/she have said to you?
- hahahha,this things might sound funny.he called me "bunga".am i?

5. If he/she become your lover, you will…
- he is ...

6. If he/she become your enemy, you will…
- not remember

7. If he/she become your lover, he/she has to improve on…
- none

8. If he/she become your enemy, the reason is…
- perhaps for making me hate him

9. The most desirable thing to do on him/her is?
- Private & confidential

10. The overall impression of him/her is…
- being loved and kecewa at the same time

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you?
- i need to care??

12. The character of you for yourself is?
- unpredictable

13. On contrary, the character you hate of yourself is?
- pemalas hahahaha

14. The most ideal person that you wanna be is?
- someone like somebody...

15. For the people who care about and like you, say something about them.
thank Q for loving me

16. Ten people to tag:
  1. Neo
  2. Afeadz
  3. Tin kosong
  4. Diana@donut
  5. Mek salma
  6. dotblogspotdotkom
  7. zunda
  8. eedany

17. Who is no. 2 having a relationship with?

- tah awek dia la kot

18. Is no. 3 a male or a female?
- Male kot...male ko tin kosong tu?hehehe

20. How about no. 5 and 8?
- kalo 5 ngan 6 bepasangan jadi lesbo la...gila ke apa

21. What is no. 1 studying about?
- dia jadi cikgu pendidikan khas.huhuhu

22. Is no. 4 single?
- no 4 tu x available.dia da ada fared kamil

23. Say something about no. 6
- huhuu..jiran blog aku

24.What about no.5?
1 of my fren

another tag..

Huh..sori la Tuan hamba dotblogspotdotkom.Teman sekarang dalam mood bercuti...bercuti dari realiti kehidupan kuala lumpur dan dunia cyber sekali kot.huhuhu.....
it will be a quick post from me..soon,if there's any free time i'll chit chat a lot!

The tag is all about Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

for further information...feel free to visit here

i) copy tag ini dlm blog korang
ii) taruklah link kwn yg bagi tag ni, pastu
iii) pastu tag la kwn2 anda at least 7 org okayh.

Untuk menyahut seruan kampen ni...aku secara peribadinya tag 10 orang petama dalam BlogHunterz List @fren list aku keyh!

happy live people!

a day before 2moro

ari ahad ari occupied.ada saja plan nak dibuat.nak nak hujung bulan,
duitkan dah masuk daaa,
jadi..tugas aku sebagai seorang pelajar dan pemegang amanah loan mara..
apa lagi.Shopping la tak ingat dunia..
baru masuk minggu pertama dah merana...
menangis tak berairmata..
apa lagi,mula la buat rayuan FA&MA..
tak dinafikan..aku memang boros orangnya,sian sape jadi laki aku nanti.bila nak berubahnya.....tak tau la
esok bersamaan 3hb.nov.2008 aku secara rasminya dipanggil oleh ibunda tercinta untuk kembali bertugas membanting tenaga kat Aziba Boutique.. Habis semua plan aku nak berjoli-joli,bersenang lenang...bergumbira di pulau-pulau yang iindah ituew.
sebelum burung besi bernama AK5108 itu menjemputku pulang kepangkuan keluarga..aku nak habiskan waktu bersama kopi cap kapal api terlebih dahulu.huhuu
Aku dan kapal apiku mulanya cadang nak makan kenny rogers.tapi tah mana silapnya...budak tu kata kena tunggu 45 min,ayam dia tak msk lagi.i am like....what???
ok xpe..xpe...memandangkan mood aku ok,aku kata its ok je kat bdk kenit tadi.
nak ayam punya pasal....makan je la ayam golek kat giant tu haaa....sedap pun sedap.

Lepas makan, ronda-ronda cuci-cuci mata.aku 'ter'berkenan pulak dgn satu baju ni...da janji da,xmo shopping lg.cukup-cukup la tu ajue oii..aku tinggalkan je baju tadi kat tempat asal...pastu sampai sekarang aku asik terpikir2kan dia.sok...kalo sempat aku nk singgah jap kt tmpt tu.kalo rejiki baju tu bertuankan aku,xkemana dak?hehehe

aku x suka pakai luggage.aku lebih rela menjinjing beg hiking berwarna biru tua itu daripada menyerat beg yang beroda....muat semua khazanah yang aku nak bawak. Tapi,beg kesayangan aku tu da koyak since i come back from cuti raya aritu.da lama dia menjerit-jerit suh aku anta dia kat kedai bag tuk direpair..aku jek x pedulik.sampaikan beg tu da xleh nak jerut daa...

so,tadi aku ngan bopreng kesayangang anto la beg tu kat pertama,abang tu kata 20 min leh siap.Lega mak nyeeh! sementara menunggu,aku ajak lelakiku ke tingkat 5 untuk mencari kedai rawatan traditional yang masuk medik tv tu...bukan nak buat urutan traditional ye adik-adik..nak buat rawatan resdung aje.Alaa....yang buat kaedah keluarkan lendir resdung tu..huhuu.x kuasa mak nak stori lagi detail caner nak kuarkan lendir-lendir tu.

sebenarnya...aku ni bukan la jenis yang percaya dengan rawatan-rawatan traditional ni...bukan la tak percaya langsung,cuma tak sekuat kepercayaan aku pada sains & teknologi.itu ajer...
Lepas da puas nego ngan akak tu...dan mendapat persetujuan dari tuan empunya badan...kitorang bersetuju dengan kadar bayaran RM60...aku nego lagi,xleh kurang ke,akak tu kata...harga promosi dik,dulu akak buat rm80,tu pun lepas dah dapat liputan meluas kat TV3...ala,apa ke namanya tuh...haaaa,medik TV.
Aku pun malas nak dengar akak ni cita panjang terus angguk kata boleh la kakkkkkk....

Diawal proses...aku x dibenarkan aku lepak kat ruang menunggu bersam dua orang anak kecil yang kukira anak kepada akak tadi sambil layan tengok VCD Lilo&stitch..ehh,adik tu kata salah...buka stitch la kak, strrritch...dengan nada pelat.hahaha
ok..ok...strritch pun strritch la dek.Sambil aku layan tengok kartun yang ada 4 tangan dan bergigi jarang tu..tiba-tiba aku dengar suara dua orang lelaki tgh bercerita..adik tu kata,tu ayah..tengah urut sorang pakcik.koo bayangkan la nyah...urut??
nasib baik ada budak-budak tu..kalau tak mau bosan aku menunggu...

Selesai hal Beg & rawat merawat...aku secara cepat,tangkas dan bergaya...terus menuju ke ASWARA. Ada event eco Fest and Bijoour Bazaar....nak gak cuci mata kalo-kalo leh rembat satu dua...adik aku beriya suh aku pegi..bukan aku xtaw...nak pow la tuhh,suh belikan MOM DRESS yang dia nak sgt tu...aku sampai pun da ada gak booth yang da wrap up...
Ok la....cuma aku takde masa sangat nak ronda ronda sampai ke tmpt live band.nak balik....yang adik aku lak,hilang tah g mana.masuk dewan tgk filem award ke apa tah..bila kuar dia bawak goodie bag body shop!apa lagi...aku rembat la satu.AKUKAN KAKAK.hehehehe

Sekali lagi rancangan makan sedap aku terbantut....da la x pat mkn aym,nak pegi makan kat tupai-tupai pun x jadi jugak..sebab Bfku dinasihatkan supaya tidak mengambil sebarang makanan yg berunsurkan seafood,ayam,daging apatah lagi steambot!wahh...tension.Makan ikan bakar je laaaa...nampaknya.
kesudahannya...arini banyak benda yag aku nak,tapi tak dapat....sangat kurang senang hati

rupa mu bak......buah yang ditepuk tupai

[jumaat] aku buat pertama kalinya menjejakkan kakiku ke kampus setelah 4 bulan buat internship.Liat+malas+xda mood..semua ada bercampur baur.Nasib baik sebab nak setelkan report punya pasal...kalo tak,sekiuss meee...
kenapa aku xmau pegi?biasa la...campus life!!aku malas nak tayang muka aku kat spesis-spesis makhluk yang aku tak suka nak tengok....yang bajet bagus dan yang paling hipokrit dalam dunia..
Tapi siapa kita untuk melawan takdir Tuhankan?benda yang aku paling nak elak...itula yang terjadi...huh!
kalo nak diikutkan...pandang pun aku x sanggup ni kan lagi bediri didalam satu ruang udara yang sama..nak nak lagi terperangkap dalam situasi dimana aku perlu berdiri,bekongsi sedikit ruang didalam sebuah kotak yang agak kecil.
i saw 2 of them tersengih-sengih macam kerang busuk...hahaha.nak ngumpat aku ke?apa laa yang korang nak ngate sangat pasal aku ni...stori korang yang HOT tu pon aku tak kuasa nak buat gossip.buat tambah dosa aku jek.
yang sorang,pemes dengan aksi ranjang dalam kereta, yang sorang lagi panas dengan cerita-cerita syahdu yang aku tak mampu nak labelkan sebagai apa.muka tak sama langsung dgn perangai.x boleh blah..i know some of them read my blog.tapi peduli blog aku.heheheh.suka aku la nak cakap apa.nak baca,silakan...kalo tak nak,sudehhh..
waaahhhhh....crappyyy sunggoh aku malam niekan?

the part i hate the most is when i need to act like i don't feel nothing...
pretending like i don't know!

but,the best part is, n my REAL frens gelak besar when i told them the situation i just faced!padan muka aku! :p

Lepas sekian, u can tell,who's ur real fren.
If you found 1,u are really lucky.
But if u have'nt...consider youself as the choosen 1.