Berpoya-poya di hujung minggu

Lama x post pape kat sini. Sungguh bizi dan xde masa lately. Huh, when can i be free from all this things!!!!wargghhhhhh!!!so tension uols...ekekeke. Luckly i have ma superhero.Xde la tension sangat.Last week berjalan2 ke pavillion tuk menghabiskan wang, masa dan tenaga. We went to GSC to booked ticket.As far as i remember..time 2 tgk citer water horse kot...eventhough citer tu da lama ditayangkan. Overall citer tu ok la.....
Then we went to the food republic, pusing2 cari tempat makan yg best. at last we decide to eat at ichiban ramen. sangat lapar!!hehehe... healthy but quit expensive.Alahai....ciput jer.x kenyang!!

After that we headed to, i lurveeeee it so much! Al-capone was my favorite!

Long queue! Donuts selling fast!

half a dozen sweetness that go straight to your waist line

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