Dr.Fish treatment

went out to BTS with ma supahero on sunday..as usual we r looking for a good place to eat. than tgk IronMan kat imax..the story?bole la...hehehe. rasa klaka n bosan sikit pon ada. Tgh pusing2 somebody handed me a flyers...a Dr.Fish Treatment services. erm..D ask me to try. Rm20 for 20 minutes. So,i pun macam...why not,lets try it. Pas bayar je 20 henget kat mamat tu, he wash my kaki 1st,than he told me to sit and rendam my kaki into the aquarium..best je rase air suam2 kuku.huhu..than the fish came and start eating my foot.Come on, the fish food is YOU!Eawwww....x sakit tapi geli....best gak.mula2 ikan x banyak...but after 10 minutes...the fish are all over my foot.bile da banyak2 nampak mcm lintah lak..ekeke.As i been told by the exhibitor,this treatment is good for rejuvenating. Other benefits :-

1. Completely getting rid of skin smear & ageing cortex

2. Clear pores & promote blood circulation

3. Protecting skin & face 4 a healthier skin

4. Ecological & natural recreation

5. Safe & without side effects

6. Skin protecting

Dia kata muka pon boleh letak..huhu,sape la nk letak muka kat dalam aquarium rendaman kaki tu.ahaks...


Dea said...

People should read this.