i think i win this time..

hahahha...i think somebody adores my lifestyle so much!! Maybe she will became 1 of my favorite person to spy on earth. Trust me darling, i know you spying on me! I can tell!!! wakakakkaka...so lamer x upddate my blog. It's not because i have no story to tell....cume i've been busy and away from Kl for a long time. A month +++ i thought.Herm..........what happend last month?owh, i almost forgot...me and my frens went 4 a vacation at P.Perhentian. Seronok sebenarnya...espeacially when u r travelling with ur loves one *wink* . Yeah..ma Superhero pon ikot jgk.Believe it or not, it was our 1st holiday since we hooked up together 4 years ago.Hell Yeah!!!i'm so exciting!!! jalan2 kat tepi pantai...listening to our favorite song...snorkling samer2, makan besuap...tido je x sama2.hehhe,lain2 bilik la...nak mampos!! lepas dr perhentian i need to pack my belongings and return to kk. My mum suh balik cepat....xde staff katanya. Since my sis da dpt keje, so sume urusan butik me and momoy yg kena handle...warghhh...ader customer lak...till then, nnt kita sambung citer lg k.


TashadeNatasha said...

So, you're real sis of Momoy?

ajue said...

hahaha..biologicaly yes!