Nobody is that important.
They eat, shit, and screw, just like you.
Maybe you ate to much shit in your life, so your mentality and life is equal to that shit above!

knowing you is my biggest mistake
pleasing you is nothing but worthless.
looking at you reminds me my toilet bowl!
You are a weed, a fungus, the virus of this earth
You vulgar little maggot.




suezensuzanna said...

~knowing you is my biggest mistake~

talk to myself gak!!...i hate u mohd akmal erwan....!!!!

tiba2...hahhaa...jgn reveal name dia kat my blog ehh..because he's reading mine..:D...

░♥si lampu neon♥░ said...


sengal la wehh ni ayat ko ke? hahaha ko kasik kat sape?? hahahaa

can i be ur loyal toilet door to company u all over your way to reach the climax of shitting? hahahaha

šä⌊Μ ä said...

cam cekelat..nyum2

A j u E said...

K.sue - huhu...i won't la kak sue..oiii mohd akmal erwan..she hates u la!hehehe

neo - op kos la.it's come out from my functional brain. everytime im angry my brain became extraordinary active!

btw, my pleasure to have u as my toilet door.at all time.hahha

salma - taik pun ko leh nmpk cam cekelat..kronik tul habit makan ko ni..hehe

šä⌊Μ ä said...

tringat kek batik aku..

A j u E said...