Hey, birthday love

- A gift of poetry for you -
Another Birthday Together

Your birthday marks another year together
Such happy times, I couldn’t ask for more
Spending precious minutes, hours and days
With you, my love, whom I cherish and adore
We’ve shared so much, we two, in love and friendship
Each year our bond just seems to grow and grow
I always want to be right next to you
To be with you means more than you can know
You’re always there for me with a loving smile
I’m never happier than when I know you’re near
I thought my love for you could not grow stronger
It’s your birthday...
and no matter what fate has in store for us,
I know it will be a pleasure to spend life with you

And yet I love you even more this year

~~ xoxoxoxo ~~


farish H said...

hepi bsday

suezensuzanna said...

epy besday k:)..buat si dia....

A j u E said...

tQ...xmo lepas geram sini lg ka k.sue?

šä⌊Μ ä said...

epi bufday "D"..love u tooo

A j u E said...