we went out again this week!i'm happy..tapi arini x berapa nk besh.
sadly we seem to keep arguing over the silliest things & i noticed it has been getting more frequent.

How can u stop arguing over silly things when u love each other so much?


Skipped that..not telling anything here.let it just be a secret beetween us :snow42:

i have this kind of huge kaki selalu sangat sakit!i plan to get a new shoes to replace my old style sandal wearing..I had been searching for comfortable, long lasting flatties to keep me walking every morning to work/class. Dont expect me to wear high heels ok, it gonna destroy both my legs.

I took STAR lrt to Hang Tuah station and switched Monorail to arrive Netfision at maharajalela which involved quite some walking from stations to stations and staircase to staircase. I wonder why I didn't slim down because of that?????hurm...


so.. i bought a pair of Crocs today! crocs itu sungguh comei..although my d did'nt like it that much


tadaaaa.....this is ma new clog! crocs women Alice maryjane,brown! pic sebenar akn dipost kemudian..memandangkan saya sangatlah malas untuk men'transfer' imej dr kamera into my computer.

love this clog..tapi croc kl xde jual..


hokey la..sampai disini ye semua.tuan hambe nak bersahur dahulu.adios!



_neo_ said...

ajue crocs tu macam mahal jer.bape ko beli yer?macam berkenan la plak//huhuuhu

ajue said...

yg alice tu aku beli rm139.mahal skit tp worth it.selesa

@k@kPOKPEK said...

i am soo in love with my maryjane crocs, it is soooo comfy that i am wearing it daily.

A j u E said...

mmg cukup selesa kan akak pokpek..

tp,for 1st&2nd day kaki saya melecet skit..