feelinzzzz...chupii chupiii

kawan?friend?i thought we were friends...i thought u are different from others. We had a lot in common..we enjoy ourselves a lot.we are craving over the same thing..hahaha.sumting that might be silly to others.funny aite?
tah ler....its a long story.
susah kalau berkawan tanpa kejujuran nih

you were the only one i told my secrets to...other than my D. I trusted you..but,u stabbed me behind my back. you hurt me...but i'm okay with it.

until one time..i realize.we should stop from being too close.Cause I didn't know you
were really x suka on me...
sitting there,behind my back and hurt my feelings. why dont you just tell me?im good in handling my mood in a situation. *wink*

now..we can't be just like we were last time..janggal kan?i feel like you were trying to make me jealous, anger or watso ever...tp,believe it or not...i don't even care.i feel like nothing.
because i had it all enough...

no need to show off.who am i to you...compared to all your beloved friends.
i am just an ordinary people..who live a simple life.
i have my own life fundamental,and i know your do understand me as i do understand yours..
May good bless you..because after all what happended, i still love you as a fren....
I do loves our relationship.
tah mana silapnya....it has to end like this.

copy from a song..
I thought that we were friends
Went through thick and thin
Thought that you could be someone I could trust
But you were really like an angel in desquise
It was all pretend....
I really thought we were friends..


-salma- said...

ishhh hopefully bukan aku..takot nyerr...aku nanges klo ko ckap tue aku :((, sebb aku xtrase pon.tp takot jgk kan..

A j u E said...

huhuhhuhu...takde kaitan dengan ko la mek..idup dan mati.hehehe..ni org lain nih.bukan kat bumi malaya.kat borneo

eedany said...

stabbed u from behind? huhuhu...

kawan sejati memang susah nak dapat kan?

semoga hubungan uols ok2 jak.


A j u E said...

tq kak eedany