belated or better than late?

went out today
got a beautiful carnation bouquet from my heart.(as usual-every year tradition i might say haha)
so happy!

lepas lunch..
Dia nak buat new hairdo pulak
Takkan aku nak duduk and tengok je kan
of course la aku pon nak jugak.
Wash and blow pon jadi la.
nasib baik ada promotion.
bukan main sedap lagi kepala ku diramas-ramas

than we browsing around the mall..
i got a special voucher from him to spent

Semua kedai on sale!!
sangat teruja!
bought sumting for myself
thanks sayang for the money!

ya ya ya...
its a birthday gift

tak perlu kek, waffle pon okay

happy belated birthday to me!!
happy me.

it was 3 day and a half ago
It was a wonderful one!
I took the time to appreciate the simple fact that I exist...
for whatever reason...

to have so many wonderful things in my life.
a supportive and loving family & a great man.

they know me so well!!

i know this year will be filled with great blessings.


šä⌊Μ ä said...

yum yum,,,sedap nye!

rizz said...

adoii cedapnya waffle! hehehe

suezensuzanna said...

epy belated faza...ehh jap..dmana tuh arr restoran tuh????

A j u E said...

sangat sedap plus with some vanilla ice cream added!!


theobrama chocolate lounge level 1 pavillion kak sue

||| PöJìé PööH ||| said...

Ohhh Ajue, Happy Belated Birthday to u!!!

A j u E said...