acting like moron

So much to say,so little time to say....................Wow, I have really neglected it, and my fellow blogging buddies. But seriously, if I had time to say it right now, I would spell out all the reasons why I didn't blog for so long, and why now that I am back, I still find so little time to say all the crap I wanna say..FYI, im doing my internship this this small company.What do i do? i am responsible for designing n bla..bla....I go to work everyday, 5 days a week(kalo x ponteng la). When i get there i eat my "karipap sardin" as a bfast b4 i start working. i do graphic editing and that takes of most of my day.
Actually the job isn't that bad...nice place, great staff (except ONE person),i do like my boss,very nice..treats you more on a friend level than a boss level..i would say. But, I still don't like working!!hahahha.....


TashadeNatasha said...

feel more relax,

just ignore that person.
yes, i must say i do like our boss too..

ajue said...

kadang-kadang tu..rase annoying gak ngan die kan?don't u feel like dat?