An old still matter what u call it

Yesterday I turn 23 years old. I don’t think I have changed much:ahaha: .By the way,thanks to all of you who sms and drop comments to my friendster/myspace. You guys are great!

But..i hate my Bday~
It's not the getting old part ... it's getting forgotten. everyone thinks you're supposed to be "happy" on your special day and when you're not you get yelled at because your down and that makes me feel even worse. I'm down because I get forgotten . :snow03: i don't care about presents /celebrations or any of the materialistic things. i just wish that the people i call friends remembered my day like i remember theirs. a call, email or text is all i want. just to know that they are thinking of me.:snow01:but on top of that my own family have forgotten and that makes me feel rubbish. am i that horrible??:sigh:

I'm depressed and can't wait for Sunday just to get this lousy time of year over with my bf...we'll celebrate it together as we can't make it yesterday bcoz of working!Thanks sayang!:woooh: