Today I did A THING.
Today I wake up get dressed and go to work as usual
Today im sitting at EggTartPrince cafe having my breakfast while reading my daily express as i never did it before.
Today i've canceled my plan to watch HISTERIA
Today i do not have the courage to drive my mom car eventhough i have the key
Today i spent another RM25 to pay taxi
Today i'm wasting my money for no reason
Today i eat less than i ate yesterday
Today i have made a mistake while writing a date on a cheque.
Today i scold my product advisor as their making a vey little mistakes n i feel terrible for a while.
Today i realize it's almost january.time for sweat to come a blowing in,new note books and old friends!! hish
Today im sitting right here for no purpose
Today I put one of my life dreams into course.
Today i applied to spend a week in january to do a lil contribution
Today i stopped thinking about my life plans and started living
Today i need to wait another few week more to ...........
Today I decided that I am just strong enough face it!


_neo_ said...

why is everything so sorrow syg? hurm, kenapa lama tak hapdet ajue?

A j u E said...

tahle...nsb x baik..
xda tenet nk update le neot ku sayam...